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(gwl utils): Useful procedures and macros

accessing multiple named values, code snippets: Code Snippets
accessing named values in variables, code snippets: Code Snippets
accessing variables, code snippets: Code Snippets
after, workflow field: workflow Fields
auto-connect, workflow order: Defining a Workflow

before, workflow field: workflow Fields
building from source: Installation

code snippets: Code Snippets
combining processes in a workflow: Defining a Workflow
construct a single file name: Useful procedures and macros
construct multiple file names: Useful procedures and macros
container: Options for guix workflow run

Declaring package requirements, workflows: Declaring package requirements
defining a workflow: Defining a Workflow
defining processes: Defining a Process
description, process field: process Fields
description, workflow field: workflow Fields
display-file: Useful procedures and macros
displaying a file: Useful procedures and macros
drmaa-engine, Process Engine: Process Engines

environment variables, code snippets: Code Snippets
executing processes: Process Engines

file name expansion: Useful procedures and macros
file, helper macro: Useful procedures and macros
files, helper macro: Useful procedures and macros

generating processes: Process templates
get elements from a nested association list: Useful procedures and macros
get elements from a nested collection: Useful procedures and macros
get, helper procedure: Useful procedures and macros
getting process inputs: process Fields
getting process outputs: process Fields
gibibytes, memory specification: process Fields
gigabytes, memory specification: process Fields
graph, workflow order: Defining a Workflow
grid-engine, Process Engine: Process Engines

Helper macros: Useful procedures and macros
Helper procedures: Useful procedures and macros
hours, run-time specification: process Fields

implicit list, process.packages: process Fields
inputs, process field: process Fields
installing from source: Installation
Installing packages, workflows: Declaring package requirements
isolate processes: Options for guix workflow run

kibibytes, memory specification: process Fields
kilobytes, memory specification: process Fields

language support, code snippets: Code Snippets
load a workflow: Useful procedures and macros
load-workflow: Useful procedures and macros
look up configuration values: Useful procedures and macros
look up values in dictionaries: Useful procedures and macros

make-process, constructor: Defining a Process
mebibytes, memory specification: process Fields
megabytes, memory specification: process Fields
minutes, run-time specification: process Fields

name, process field: process Fields
name, workflow field: workflow Fields
named items, lists: process Fields

on, helper procedure: Useful procedures and macros
output-path, process field: process Fields
outputs, process field: process Fields

packages, from channels: process Fields
packages, looked up in inferior Guix: process Fields
packages, process field: process Fields
packages, using current Guix: process Fields
packages, using Guix modules: process Fields
pick elements from a list: Useful procedures and macros
pick, helper procedure: Useful procedures and macros
pick, items from a tagged list: process Fields
procedure, process field: process Fields
process meta data, code snippets: Code Snippets
process templates: Process templates
process, constructor: Defining a Process
process, definition macro: Defining a Process
process, valid fields: process Fields
process-inputs, procedure: process Fields
process-outputs, procedure: process Fields
processes, workflow field: workflow Fields
Python, code snippets: Code Snippets

R, code snippets: Code Snippets
reorder higher order function application: Useful procedures and macros
Require external features: Declaring package requirements
require-packages, declaration form: Declaring package requirements
require-packages, workflow declaration: Declaring package requirements
reusing process scripts: Process templates
run-time, process field: process Fields

scripts, embedding: Code Snippets
seconds, run-time specification: process Fields
select tagged items: Useful procedures and macros
select, tagged items in a list: process Fields
shell snippets: Code Snippets
simple-engine, Process Engine: Process Engines
space, complexity: process Fields
special syntax, code snippets: Code Snippets
Specify workflow environment: Declaring package requirements
string interpolation, code snippets: Code Snippets
synopsis, process field: process Fields
synopsis, workflow field: workflow Fields

tagged items, lists: process Fields
tagged lists: process Fields
threads, complexity: process Fields
time, complexity: process Fields

user namespaces: Options for guix workflow run
Utilities: Useful procedures and macros

values, process field: process Fields
values, process field (example): Process templates
version, process field: process Fields
version, workflow field: workflow Fields

workflow, valid fields: workflow Fields

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